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Here's what NatSun members said in response to the question; Why did you go natural?

Morenike said,

It made sense to go natural. After having my daughter I couldn't go to the salon like I liked but then I also noticed that the long hair I thought was strong was breaking all over.  One morning as I was combing my hair I saw that areas of my hair were badly damaged and breaking. I did the big chop that day and wore a TWA for the first year.  It's been 3 years now and my hair is longer and stronger than ever.  My 11 year old niece is also a believer in natural hair and has refused to get a relaxer ever again.  My 5 year old daughter loves to wear her afro puffs and twist outs. 

Laila Rose said,

Well, in a nutshell (because I can go on and on lol), I began to become fascinated with my new growth between perms/relaxers/whatever. Also, around the same time, my cousin decided to try it out (I forget why) but it introduced the "option" to me, lol (really weird, at that age [about 14], I didn't realize I had the option to not relax...weird). My cousin returned to the relaxer but I continued to play with the idea of "growing my perm out and seeing my real hair" for about a month or so. Then, after that, it was a done deal. That was about 10 years ago :>

Tiffany said,

I had been thinking of going natural for a few years,but was afraid my hair would fall out trying to grow out the relaxed hair. I was definitely not going to be a big chopper. LOL! I only got relaxers 2-3 times a year and did it mainly out of habit. I finally took the plunge due to youtube (chisellecouture and kimmaytube particlular).I found myself in awe of their hair. I finally thought to myself that I do have that hair in its natural state.I got my last relaxer Dec 10 and now 12mths into my transition. I am excited to see what my natural hair journey has in store for me!

Rifai Mwinyi said,

I just wanted healthy hair - my relaxed hair was horrid and I NEVER wore it out so there was really no point of relaxing it - I didn't begin to relax my hair out of force or out of embarrasment of the natural texture, but it was more like everyone else was doing it so I might as well follow (tsk tsk) - I've always LOVED big curly hair and was so oblivious to realize that I had that hair! - the choice or rather decision to go natural was quick and easy - *lightbulb* "hey why don't I just become natural again!" - and here I am =D

Aay Jay said,

Growing up I was always fascinated with the look of the 70's ( big curly Afros). My mom was a beautician so of course i had a relaxer, only because she didn't want to burn her hands pressing it. I experimented with a lot of styles and I must say the roller set with perm rods was my favorite. But honestly I never thought of going natural till I was in college. Being away from home and not trusting people in my head I chose to wear braids. It only made sense to me to stop relaxing my hair ( no one seen it anyways). My last relaxer was in 2004. It has been a bumpy ride, and I'm still learning my hair but regardless of what you couldn't pay me to relax it again.

Chandra said,

I've always been intriqued by natural hair  but never really thought it was feesible for me.  I was always curious but I'd let my relaxer go so far and would change my mind. Then one year, I decided I would just do it. I decided to stop relaxing that day because I was just plum tired of getting my hair relaxed, and bored with the same ole same ole...

AND also  because I had begun a healthy hair journey on my relaxed hair  by using natural products. I was really starting to get into the health of my relaxed hair, and then realized if my hair was truly going to be 100% healthy, I would need to stop relaxing it too!   So that's what I did! I had no idea where it would lead me..But I am so glad I held on because I Love the decision that I made. Thank you Jesus, because I love my natural hair!  

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Comment by Brittany C.F. on June 10, 2012 at 5:04pm

I chose to go natural because all the times that I would go natural for the summer or a few months randomly were to grow my hair out. I never really enjoyed my natural hair and now that I am, I love it!!! Seriously, wish I did this (permanently) years ago. :D

Comment by Calandra NatuReal Cooper on May 15, 2012 at 1:38am

Same here-just want healthy hair and to be comfortable in my own skin.  Tired of all the wasted money and frizzled hair that goes along with chemically processed hair.  More problems than it was ever worth.  I no longer get my fingernails done for the same reason-splits, discoloring, lack of strength and too much upkeep.  I'm trying to live a total holistic life-natural everything and all around good health. 

Comment by antwanette howard on February 3, 2012 at 2:18am

those are some beautiful hair styles.


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