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Not Enjoying your Natural hair?

Posted by Chanella C on July 28, 2014 at 7:30am 1 Comment

As i was watching a video on Youtube today ,i noticed that many women just seem so obsessed with length and that this might actually be why they are unable to enjoy their Natural hair!

I can remember the very first time that i went natural hair and i can recall the day that i big chopped! I was happy at first but then i started feeling so impatient! I wanted my hair to grow! I then realized that hair took much longer to grow than i expected! I was very frustrated because all i wanted was length! i was constantly doing length checks and kept watching them on Youtube! in order to compare my hair's length with other naturals who big chopped around the same time as me ( Just to see if my hair was growing ok)! I was obsessed with length retention and freaked out when i saw some breakage!

The reason why i was doing all of this was because i was obsessed with proving to other people that our hair can…


Encouragement to my Newly natural sisters!

Posted by Chanella C on July 21, 2014 at 4:30pm 2 Comments

Many times when you recently cut your hair off, you don't feel very confident wearing it out because it is new to you (if you are not accustomed to wearing your hair very short) and you don't know how other people will react to it! I encourage you to face your fears! This is the only way that you are going to feel more comfortable with your new cut!

Do it in spite of your fears! Put down that wig that you wear planning to wear and walk out with confidence, with your head up!

Even if you don't feel confident do "as if" you were. Practice being confident. Practice confident body language. The more you confront that fear the less it will have a grip on you! Face the negative comments (They will become less powerful overtime) Face the positive feedback, for those of you who have a hard time accepting compliments! Confidence is not…


For the love of a rainy day...

Posted by Goddessrul on July 17, 2014 at 9:38pm 2 Comments

Friday night, I'm twisting up my hair into 10 twists after previous flat twisting it the day before on wash...  I'm smiling to myself just thinking about how FLY! I'm gonna look the next day with my twist out. I take a class every Saturday and there's a gentleman who says he loves GOD and he loves natural hair ( kinda man!!).  He had not seen my natural hair because I had been wearing a protective style.  So I was ready to wow him and what better way to do it than with the famous twist out.

I wake up the next morning, get out of bed and do a little stretching, move on over to the window only to find gray clouds and the smell of rain seeping in through the window seal.  AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!  Are you kidding me!?!? I'm thinkin "Not now!  Not when I'm getting ready to wow the world with…


I Big Chopped and Lived to Tell the Tale | Genesis

Posted by on July 16, 2014 at 7:19am 4 Comments

How old are you and where are you from?

My name is Genesis Webb, I’m a 20 year old nursing student and I’m from Woodbridge, Virginia.

When did you make the decision to go natural? When did you actually Big Chop?

I made the decision to go natural November 2009. I got my last relaxer that month. I was concerned because for months I had taken extra time out…


Short 'n' Chic Spotlight: Meet Momo!

Posted by on July 16, 2014 at 7:18am 7 Comments

We have our first spotlight update this week! Last year Momo was featured as a Big Chop story. Now she's rocking her hair in a TWA. Here's her story...


When did you big chop and was it as scary as you thought it would be?

I Big Chopped September 4, 2011 and it wasn't…


7 Reasons Why You Won’t Stay Natural

Posted by Marvette Lacy on July 14, 2014 at 12:46pm 7 Comments

This past May, I celebrated three years of being natural. May 09, 2010, I decided to go into my bathroom and cut off all of my hair.

 n49300538_30266783_8511 Photo 3  

It wasn’t something that I planned; I actually wanted to wait until 2011 to do the Big Chop. However, I was impatient with transitioning and I was just ready to be natural.

Fast-forward three years later, I’m still going.

Sometimes, I do have thoughts of just ending it all and running for the relaxer. But after much reflection, it comes down to one of the following points as to why I allowed that thought to come into my mind in the first place. 



Tips For the New Natural: Get The Right Mind Set & Take Care Of The Total Package!

Posted by Sunshine Abuwi on July 14, 2014 at 6:52am 19 Comments

Hi New Naturals!

I wrote this post as a comment to the  blog post,  My Big Chop: The morning After, some time ago. I recently re-read it and wanted to share it again with those of you who are new to the site and new to the journey. I hope it helps! Please leave comments below if you can relate to anything said or if you have anything to add!

Thanks in advance.




I would love to go natural but...

Posted by Marvette Lacy on July 11, 2014 at 6:57pm 1 Comment

I would love to go natural but….

  • I don’t have the head shape for it!
  • I’m not brave enough!
  • My significant other wouldn’t like it!
  • People would make fun of me!
  • It would just be too much work!
  • I don’t have the patience for it! 

Whenever I’m out, whether it’s hanging out with friends, shopping at the mall, working out at the gym, I often receive compliments about my natural hair. Women from all walks of life reach out to me to pay me a compliment about my hair. Most of the time, it’s followed by how they admire me and wish they could do the same.

My next response is usually, “Well, why not?"

Their response is usually some version of “I would love to go natural but [insert fear].” 

I am sure that those of us who are natural receive similar comments from other women. And if you are not natural but have considered it, you probably uttered something similar.

The decision to…


My 4th Big Chop

Posted by Elegant Granny on July 11, 2014 at 1:55pm 1 Comment

Boy did I really miss you guys.  I've been busy getting through grad school and starting a business.  Now that I'm working on my very last class, I have much more time to spend with you beautiful people like I used to.

I just wanted to show you my 4th big chop. 

Yep!  That's right!!  My 4th!!!

I love it so much.  Especially for this time of the year.


I just wet it at night, 4 flat twist or 4 corn rows with just a little of Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator on my ends to maintain my style.

Glad to be back in the fold {{{CYBER HUGS}}}

*Posing before clocking into work yesterday*…


Lessons Learned, Demons Conquered (Well Some), And Debuting The Natural Look

Posted by Kaye on July 10, 2014 at 1:27pm 1 Comment

Where has the time gone?! No really, where is it going? It seems like just yesterday I was mulling over the life altering decision of going natural. Then again, everything was a life altering decision in high-school. Nonetheless, I happened upon an email from Natural Sunshine while casually skimming through my inbox looking for pizza deals and nostalgia knocked on my door. Lucky for me, I don't change emails much and my password is the same for EVERYTHING!

So here I am on a page I created back in 2011 and man I just wish I had better pictures back then to display my transition from then to now, because I have came a looooong way. And yes, every single one of those o's were definitely necessary. It's been quite the journey, and an all encompassing one at that! When initially deciding to transition to natural hair back in 2010/2011 I knew I would be up for a challenge, but I had no idea it would have to do with more than just my hair!

I transitioned for a little over…



Another mates of majuscule EREMAX

Started by Nothem ggg in Questions??!?!?!?!? 3 hours ago. 0 Replies

To increment testosterone levels, Herb is a opportune prime and like Peal Quai, it acts as a overall medication herb; Ginseng totality to meliorate difficulty and assistance status and is also an superior murder circulation marrubium.Another mates of majuscule  EREMAX herbs for human unisexual welfare are - Schisandra and Avena Sativa. Avena Sativa is a tracheophyte which helps to supercharge testosterone levels and also helps the embody to unlax…Continue


Especially to something as big as Nitro Shred

Started by cleonor sabjee in Questions??!?!?!?!? Sep 15. 0 Replies

ducate your meals for tomorrow in slight containers so you don't bang any irritate. I upgrade to do this at dark, before I lay feather in front of both TV. You can also digest these  Nitro Shred  with you anywhere you go so you never somebody to lose a nutrition.It encourages correct: Penalization is strategic to achieving anything in vivification, especially to something as big as  Nitro Shred  transforming your build and fleshly…Continue

Tags: Shred, Nitro


Started by rauni in Questions??!?!?!?!?. Last reply by rauni Aug 11. 2 Replies

Hello ladies on a recent visit to the beauty supply store I encountered a nice lady who had the most gorgeous beautiful head of natural hair she was searching for a wig, I had to ask her why would you cover up such beautiful waist length hair? She simply replied because I feel more comfortable in wigs. So my question to you is this even though you are natural and have nice hair do you sometimes feel more comfortable in wigs and weave? And when you first big chopped did you find yourself still…Continue

The big chop

Started by Rhonda in Questions??!?!?!?!?. Last reply by misha Aug 10. 1 Reply

First let me say that I am new to this community. I am going to go for the big chop in a few days with my sons barber. I am a little self conscious in doing the big chop in a shop full of men. My barber is very cool and said he would come to my house and cut my hair which I think is awesome. My question to you all out there has anyone else experienced the fear of getting your hair cut in front of a bunch or men of did you find a woman barber to cut your hair? Signed...scared and excited



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